3/23 Product Update
Across the full app:
Team name under workspace name
Enhanced navigation throughout the app by adding the team name under the workspace name when a user belongs to more than one team. This helps users to quickly and easily see which team they are currently working in, especially when multiple teams have the same or similar workspace names.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-23 at 16-24-22
Sites & Funnels:
19 new page templates went live for users:
  • Travel Popup Squeeze (AI page)
  • Construction Popup Squeeze (AI page)
  • Beige Real Estate Squeeze (AI page)
  • Blue Dentist Popup Squeeze (AI page)
Thank You:
  • Thank You - Illustration (AI page)
  • Thank You - FB Group (AI page)
  • Thank You - Special Offer
  • Thank You - Bold Text
  • Thank You - Suggested Content
  • Thank You - eCommerce
  • Thank You Web App
  • Thank You - Resources
  • Thank You - Rebel (AI page)
  • Thank You - Minimal
  • 2 Step Book Popup (AI page)
  • Blocky 2-Step Ecom Pop-Up (AI page)
  • 2-Step Cart Page (AI page)
  • 2-Step T-Shirt Page (AI page)
  • Millionaire Morning Sales Page
Background color on input elements
Users can now set the background color on input elements, allowing them to customize the look and feel of their funnel pages even more. Screen_Recording_2023-03-24_at_3_09_37_PM_AdobeExpress
Payment subtabs and filters
Enhanced the Payment subtabs (Sales, Refunds, Authorizations, and Failed) so users can easily see which filters are applied to each subtab and remove/modify them however they wish to see the desired data. Screen Capture on 2023-03-23 at 16-19-23
Declined transaction details
Continued to enhance the Payments tab by expanding on “Declined” payments and showing the full decline message from the payment gateway as a tooltip (available when hovering over the “Decline” status and when viewing transaction details). Now, users can quickly and easily understand why the payment was declined and support the customer with the knowledge they need to make a successful payment, if so desired. Screen Capture on 2023-03-23 at 16-21-11
Workflow enhancement
Enhanced the experience of the “run workflow” bulk action, so the user is no longer redirected away from the contact page.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-24 at 08-15-37
Select workflow for pages
Enhanced workflow triggers so users are no longer required to select a funnel and a page when setting their trigger if they’re selecting a page without a funnel. Now, users can select standalone pages that are not within a funnel to trigger their workflows. Screen Capture on 2023-03-21 at 12-36-09
See page name and URL for pageview trigger
Enhanced the “Pageview” workflow trigger so users can see both the page name and URL when selecting a desired page for the trigger event. (Previously they could only see page name.) This makes it faster and easier for users to select their desired page, especially when pages with different URLs have the same name.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-20 at 11-25-21
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where users could not select more than 20 contacts after applying a filter, for example, in order to perform a bulk action. Now users can select as many contacts as desired.
Fixed a bug in the Funnel Builder where users were unable to close the Attached Products sidebar without refreshing their page.
Fixed an intermittent bug where some users were not receiving their email invitation after being invited to a ClickFunnels 2.0 workspace.
Fixed a bug in the one-step checkout element where users were unable to edit the header settings for the element. Now they can.
Fixed a bug where the 'All' tab on the Payments Index page was not limiting the displayed payments to just those applicable to the user’s workspace. Now it does.
Fixed a bug in the Navigation element where any “+” icons inside the element settings were not opening the appropriate submenu and were instead leading to a blank page, resulting in the user losing unsaved changes. Also, trying to add an image to a Navigation element was breaking the Editor. Now they both work as expected.
Fixed a bug where users who changed their password during onboarding to their new CF2.0 account or from within their user settings were being signed out.
Fixed a bug in the Marketing Settings “State” dropdown field, where the states were not populating based on the user’s selected country in most cases. Because of this, users in some countries were unable to set a marketing contact address. Now they can set their address successfully.
Fixed an Analytics bug in the “Monthly recurring revenue report” where the same product was being displayed multiple times. Now a product only appears once, as expected.
3/16 Product Update
Across the full app:
Workspace domain validation
Added the same validation we have on domains to workspace subdomains, so new users cannot get into a bad state by using a subdomain that fails validation, and be left unable to purchase the matching domain. Now users will get validation errors when setting up their workspace subdomain if they use trademarked terms, accented characters, too many characters, etc.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-17 at 15-10-44
Sites & Funnels
2-step and 3-step checkout
Enhanced the “Checkout” element so contacts are created after the first step is completed for 2-step checkout elements, and after the second step is completed for 3-step checkout elements. This enables the user to capture leads even if the contact does not go through with the purchase, and to retarget them with “abandoned cart” email/text sequences.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-21 at 14-05-13
12 new AI opt-in page templates
  • Green Fruit Popup Squeeze
  • Full Page Squeeze
  • Orange Popup Squeeze
  • Forest Chiropractor Popup Squeeze
  • Dating 2 Column Popup Squeeze
  • Dark Chiropractor Popup Squeeze
  • Nacho Popup Squeeze
  • Colorful Popup Squeeze
  • Dating 1 Column Popup Squeeze
  • Consultation 1 Column Squeeze
  • Blue 2 Column Squeeze
  • Yellow Real Estate Popup Squeeze
Improved the “Payments” tab so it has additional sub-tabs of “All”, “Sales”, “Refunds”, “Authorizations”, and “Failed”, so users can easily see all types of payments in one area. We also set up the Payments tab to show Approved Sales by default, so users can quickly browse through their successful sales.
Screen Shot on 2023-03-14 at 17-27-37
Phone numbers more visible
Added contact phone number to the contact show page and set it up to display all phone numbers associated with that contact, so it’s easier for a sales team to find contacts’ phone numbers and reach out to them over the phone.
Enhanced bulk actions
If users want to perform an action with more than 20 contacts, they can use a filter to segment their contacts. Also improved messaging for users trying to filter contacts via the search bar, informing them they must use filters if they’d like to perform a bulk action, in order to get the most accurate results.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-17 at 17-29-58
Added a new Unenroll workflow step so users can quickly and easily unenroll contacts from either a course, multiple courses, a single module, or multiple modules.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-17 at 15-50-25
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where adding certain emojis to a page caused that page to render as a blank page. Now it looks as expected.
Fixed an intermittent bug in the “Send email” step in the workflow builder, where selecting an email template would open the email editor rather than close the modal, as expected.
Fixed an intermittent bug where users could not access “settings” for some broadcasts. Now they can.
Fixed a bug where filtering for “Live Mode” on the Funnels index page caused the filter to load endlessly and never show any further options. Now it works as expected.
Fixed an intermittent bug where users were unable to customize some style guides. Now the styles editor loads as expected and users can customize the style as desired.
Fixed a bug where the “checkout” element stopped working on order pages when customers entered in multiple credit cards, returning with an Insufficient Funds error or Error Submitting on every card. Now customers can enter in multiple cards and the order page will process the payment as expected.
Fixed a bug where a change in payment method for an order was applied, even if the user decided to cancel the change.
Fixed a bug in workflow stats where users with no “click”, “open”, “opt-in”, “send”, or “view” events would see a blank state rather than zeros when viewing stats in the workflow builder.
Fixed an intermittent bug where some users were unable to edit their team settings.
Fixed a bug in the Funnel Builder where the total sales for a funnel were appearing as “Order” stats on the first funnel page, rather than “Sales” stats.
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to scroll on large workflows when the Analytics tab was open.
3/9 Product Update
Across the app
Improved signup flow
Streamlined the onboarding process for new CF2.0 users so they only need to provide their name and phone number. Their subdomain is automatically pre-populated based on their desired business name, and their time zone is automatically detected in the background.
The Marketing AI widget
Select ClickFunnels 2.0 users can interact with this widget via a chat box, and use it to help them write content, headlines, bullet points, and more. They can send the content directly from the tool into the ClickFunnels app instantly with just the click of a button.(For immediate pre-release beta access, users can buy FHL tickets now. Eventually, all users will get access to this feature.)
Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 3
Sites & Funnels
Domain connection status
Provided better communication to users when connecting domains by improving the setup message and alerting users when they have a domain in a “connecting” state, so they know they need to take action in order to finish setting up their domain.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-13 at 17-56-30 (1)
Funnel Stats
Increased the accuracy of funnel stats reporting so users can quickly and reliably tell how much revenue is coming in from a particular funnel.
New feature: Payment Plans
ClickFunnels users can offer customers a way to spread out the cost of a purchase over a period of time Screen Capture on 2023-03-07 at 14-09-47
New feature: Contact Exports
ClickFunnels users can export their contacts as a csv file. They can also choose to filter their contacts first, then export a list of those filtered contacts, if desired.
Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 3
New feature: Workflow Integrations
ClickFunnels users can now:
  • Connect to Active Campaign and: add to list, add tag, remove tag, and remove from list
  • Connect to ClickFunnels Classic and: Create contact, add tag, remove tag, add to list, remove from list
  • Connect to Hubspot and: add/remove contact to list
  • Connect to Mailchimp and: Add subscriber to a list with a tag, remove subscriber from list, add/remove tag to subscriber
  • Connect to GoToWebinar and: Register to webinar
  • Connect to Aweber and: add/remove tag, add to/remove from list
  • Connect to Pipedrive and: add/remove person, add label
screen integrations
New feature: Expanded Currency Options
Clickfunnels users can set the currency for their workspace to any of the currencies supported by Payments.ai. (Previously users could only choose from CAD or USD.) Users can select a single currency and receive payments in only that currency. Currency cannot be changed after the first transaction occurs. Screen payment currencies
To set your workspace currency:
Set up Payments.ai for your workspace
Configure your desired currency in the Payments AI Gateway Settings
Return to your ClickFunnels 2.0 workspace and select your desired currency under Settings > Payment Settings > Currency
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where deleting an email template led to a blank page, now the user is redirected to “My Templates”
Fixed a bug where workflow “End Steps” were not getting added to the run history for a workflow. Now they are.
Fixed a bug on the 3-step checkout element on mobile where content was disappearing from the element when switching between steps.
Fixed a bug where cloning a funnel with a connected workflow broke the cloned workflow. If users tried to access the cloned workflow they would see an error message. Now they can access it as expected.
Fixed a bug where customers were unable to cancel existing subscriptions via the Customer Center. Now they can.
Fixed a bug where email stats were not loading correctly within the workflow builder.
3/2 Product Update
Across the full app:
Image Gallery Improvement
Improved the experience for customers selecting stock images by adding helper text saying “add image” when a user hovers over an image. This makes the experience more predictable for users.Screencast at February 28th 2023 - 11
Product creation
Enhanced the product creation process for one-time and subscription products, so it’s easier and faster for users to create products.
Screen Capture on 2023-03-06 at 16-45-47
Payment method management
Users can now view and manage the subscription payment method directly on their customer’s order.
Success/Decline/Failed Transactions
On the All Payments tab, users can now see, sort, and filter by decline responses, so they can better understand why transactions fail.
Continued to enhance the payment transactions table on the “All Payments” tab so it’s even easier for users to glean insights from their payments and orders.
On the subscription order page under “manage subscription”, we’ve added the ability to update the renewal date of a subscription.
Enhanced the styles index page so users can easily sort by their most recent styles, see when styles were last updated, and see what theme(s) or page(s) are using a particular style
Screencast at February 28th 2023 - 10
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where delay steps could not be edited via the "Step settings" link in the workflow builder.
Fixed an intermittent bug where email opt-in stats and orders stats were not displaying accurately when filtering by date.
Fixed a bug where re-activating a subscription that was linked to a course did not restore course access. Now it does. https://www.loom.com/share/0b88fa67b8594360b097f7535a57f70c
Fixed a bug where, on subscription product creation, clicking the “Later” button to create a product price at a later date would set the product price to $0.
Fixed a bug where videos were overlapping sticky sections, which was making them display oddly. https://somup.com/c0nODVyX8Y
Fixed an intermittent bug where the color picker was not displaying correctly inside of the Style Guide Editor. Now it does. https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c0nO2sVykhu
Fixed a bug where clicking on the “Edit Template” button in the blog Editor did not take the user to the blog template page. Now it does. https://d.pr/i/ZZ9K5o
Fixed a bug with blog posts not displaying their associated categories and authors when put inside a “Post Collection” element. https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c0nZruVyAkZ
Fixed a bug where the payment gateway configuration error was appearing in the Editor whenever a checkout element was added, even for users who had already configured their payment gateway. https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c0n0IPVyxpb
Fixed a bug where the flash message was displaying incorrectly after bulk running a workflow. Now it is shown in the right location. https://d.pr/i/f5O6CK
Fixed a bug where users were unable to use “Filter” on the Blog index page. https://www.loom.com/share/1eafc70f6a5c46e2a1c90ff5410c4156
Fixed a bug with the Contact Profile element not behaving as expected in the Customer Center when a customer signs up and visits the page for the first time. https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c0nurjVyJ0W
Fixed a bug where the Funnel Steps Map was difficult to scroll and showed the incorrect active page https://www.loom.com/share/ebe93cd50d02435e9e722635b13a8682
Fixed a bug in marketing settings, where new email addresses would not show up in the list of “from” email address options unless the page was refreshed https://www.loom.com/share/217e0fd66d1447e7bc9ec9c4a9903db4
Fixed a bug where the “Recently Used Emails” sub-tab under “Email Templates” was not displaying any shared templates. https://www.loom.com/share/be5b647e1f7e4b0fbbafe7d02543844f
Fixed a bug where pagination wasn’t working as expected in the pages modal for opt-in pages.
2/23 Product Update
Across the full app:
Funnels Icon in Nav Bar
Added a Funnels menu item in the main navigation bar, so users can quickly and easily access their funnels. Annotation on 2023-02-23 at 08-51-41
Enhanced the text input experience for users across the app, making it easier for them to see what they’re typing and review their answers.
Screencast at February 24th 2023 - 1
Sites & Funnels
37 new page templates and improved template descriptions
37 new page templates went live, and all existing page template names were updated to better describe the pages, so users know what to expect without even needing to preview the page. Screenshot on 2023-02-22 at 10_35_31
SEO auto-populated
Enhanced the page creation process from within a funnel so the URL and SEO settings are auto-populated based on the page name and description. This allows users to create new SEO-friendly pages easier and faster. Screen Capture on 2023-02-24 at 09-34-43
We've enhanced one-time-offer submissions to improve conversions.
Coming Soon status
Added a new “Coming Soon” site status and educated users on what this status means. This allows users to make only their coming soon page visible to anyone who lands on their site, so they can educate their website traffic and capture leads while working on building out their full site in the background.
Screencast at February 24th 2023 - 1
Funnel recipes
Enhanced the user experience around funnel recipes so users can easily choose, preview, and discard recipes while searching for the perfect template.
Screencast at February 24th 2023 - 1
Improved cloning
Enhanced the user experience around cloning blog posts, course lessons, course modules, pages, themes, style guides, and more so users know exactly where to find their cloned content
Screen Capture on 2023-02-24 at 09-29-06
2-step checkout customization
Continued to enhance the 2-step checkout element so users can customize the element with their desired font color, background color, etc. Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 2
Added missing checkbox input settings for the 2-step terms and services component.
Shortcut keys
Enhanced the keyboard navigation experience for users in the Editor so they can customize pages easier and faster.
  • Open sidebar settings when pressing enter on the focused element
  • Close Settings/Tools (sidebar, code editor, text editor, etc) when pressing esc
  • Add tab navigation in the style guide settings (just like we have in editor settings)
  • Add shift + up and shift + down hotkeys for moving Sections/rows/elements up and down
Approved or declined filters
In the Orders > All Payments index page, you can now filter payments by type (approved or declined) so users can quickly review their transaction history. Screen Capture on 2023-02-24 at 09-34-42
Pay invoice early
Adds the ability for users to Early pay an invoice for a subscription order from the admin center.
Payment change prompt
When changing the payment method on a subscription order from their customer center, customers now get a warning alerting them that this action changes the payment method for all future payments as well. So customers more clearly understand what credit card will be charged in future transactions.
Warning prompt
Added a close warning to email address and topic creation pop-ups, so users don’t accidentally lose all of their work by clicking outside of the pop-up.
Screencast at February 24th 2023 - 6
Broadcast names truncated
UI enhancement to how broadcast names are displayed on the index page, so they are now truncated.
Screencast at February 24th 2023 - 6
2/17 Product Update Part 2
Updated the “Country” and “Region” fields in the Edit Payment Method form to dropdown fields, so users can quickly and easily find the correct information to successfully add a new payment method.
Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 5
Enhanced the performance of the Conditional Goal workflow step and increased the accuracy of run reports for workflows with Conditional Goal steps, so users can see an accurate report of how customers moved through their workflow.
Remove contact from workflow
Users can now manually stop a contact from moving forward in a workflow, allowing users to delete a specific contact from a workflow if they no longer want them in there.
Screen Capture on 2023-02-16 at 15-47-33
Test workflow
Added the ability to test a workflow, so users can test a workflow out themselves and ensure it works as they wish before setting it live. Also added the ability to view workflow runs from the workflow builder, so users can see exactly what contacts are in the workflow without leaving the builder where they’re working.
Merge tags in URLs
Added the ability to use merge tags in hyperlink URLs, so you can customize the URL to a specific contact.
Screencast at February 17th 2023 - 7
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug in the workflow builder where any steps added after a conditional split path steps with filters applied appeared at the top of the workflow.
Fixed a bug with the 2-step checkout element so the user can view and edit the submit state.
Fixed a bug with the 2-step checkout element so users can customize shipping details so they have a consistent look and feel that’s congruent with their page style.
Fixed a bug where users were unable to delete credit cards as a given payment method or add new ones
Fixed a bug where the funnels table disappeared when a user tried to create a funnel without a name.
Fixed an intermittent bug where some users were getting an error when creating a new workspace or logging into their account.
Fixed a bug where long lesson titles prevented users from previewing or duplicating lessons from mobile settings.
Fixed a bug where customers could not make an order from a sales page link with UTM parameters.
2/17 Product Update Part 1
Across the App
Save or discard reminder
Previously users could open a sidebar, fill out information, and close the sidebar without saving their data or realizing they have unsaved changes. We’ve added an alert to prompt users to save or discard their changes, so they don’t accidentally lose all of their work.
Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 4
CF Classic Maintenance Mode
Increased education around ClickFunnels Classic Maintenance Mode and made it clear that it’s free to put your ClickFunnels Classic account into Maintenance Mode if you have a CF2.0 account.
Screen Shot on 2023-02-15 at 10-12-11
Sites & Funnels
Funnel Analytics Timezone
Funnel analytics were previously hard coded to use the UTC timezone, now they’ve been updated to use the user's selected timezone. Users can now view analytics in the timezone they are most familiar with, helping them glean more meaningful insights.
Enhanced pageview stats
As part of our continuous improvement program, we have continued to enhance pageview funnel stats so users can rely on accurate metrics to measure funnel performance and conversion.
Screen Capture on 2023-02-17 at 14-59-32
Style colors to rows and columns
Users can now apply style colors to rows and columns, allowing them to easily customize more elements on their page while maintaining a consistent look and feel across their content.
Optimized-Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 4
Navigation within the page editor
Enhanced navigation within the page editor so users can quickly edit or access pages, courses, themes, and funnels that they’ve recently edited without leaving the editor.
Customers can upgrade and downgrade in Customer Center
Added the ability for customers to upgrade from free trials to paid subscriptions, or downgrade from a paid subscription back to a free one – all in their customer center.
Screen Capture on 2023-02-16 at 17-14-07
Simplified variant naming
Enhanced the product variant naming experience so users can no longer create duplicate product variants with the exact same name. Do NOT allow duplicate variants
"Sort" Improvement
Improved the functionality of the “Sort” feature on the All Payments tab, so users can more easily sort their payments by relevant fields and find information about order payments faster.
Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 4
Added a new payment transactions table to the “All Payments” tab that allows users to quickly see trends in their total sales and transactions relative to the past 30 days. They can choose to view total sales or transaction volume over the past week, past month, or year to date. CleanShot 2023-02-08 at 19
2/14 Product Update Part 2
Publishing course modules
- Course modules scheduled to publish at a future date could not be set back to draft but now they can be!
Page template scrolling
- Fixed a bug in the page template modal where users could not scroll down to see all the page templates.
Grant access to course
- You can now grant customer access to course modules using workflows.
Orders improvement
- Order confirmation system email now shows the user’s order number
Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 2
Page search
- Fixed a bug that was preventing users from searching for page templates in the page templates
2/14 Product Update Part 1
Help Button More Visible
- We want you to be able to get help in Clickfunnels 2.0 easily and quickly so we made the help icon more visible in the bottom left corner of the dashboard. Click on “Help” and it will bring up a window where you can search or see a list of help topics!
help button
Default Theme Automatically Installed
- When a user signs up for ClickFunnels 2.0 a default theme is automatically installed to their workspace. This means a seamless onboarding experience. All users have to do is sign up and their account is ready to use with a consistent theme and fully designed pages for their homepage, courses, blog, etc. that they can easily customize. Previously, users were getting stuck at the step to select a theme, so now we make a default theme selection for them and they can easily go back and select a different theme if desired.
Sites & Funnels
Improved Reporting of Page View Stats for Funnels
- You can now see your pageviews and opt-ins right on your funnel page.
Improved Cloning and Enhanced Experience of Course Cloning
Improved Mobile Experience for Course Lesson Settings
Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 12
Payment Settings -
Empowers customers to effortlessly manage their payment method for subscriptions they’ve purchased. They can edit their current payment method or add a new one.
Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 12
Images for Product Variants
Screenshot on 2023-02-10 at 12_45_19
Add Payment Method for a User
- Users can now manage their customers’ billing methods – add new payment methods and delete an existing payment method. This enables users to easily service customers over the phone.
Broadcast Stats
- Improved reporting of open and click stats for broadcasts so that our users have a better view of how many emails convert.
Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 2
Improved reporting for broadcasts
– the status updates to “sending” when the broadcast is sending and the correct date/time are recorded. (Means you can accurately dig into your analytics and find the best day/time to send broadcasts for your specific list.)
Email Deliverability Optimization
- Email sending of broadcasts for large lists are now batched into smaller groups in order to meet M3AAWG deliverability standards ensuring more sent email arrives in inboxes. Other ESPs generally try to send your emails all at once, which may throttle your sending automatically. By batching as part of our platform, we help improve your email deliverability.
- Educating users that a workspace currency cannot be changed once an order has been placed. And asking them to please reach out to support for information on how to change currencies. (This keeps reporting and analytics clean and accurate for users.)
Screenshot on 2023-02-10 at 12_55_09
2/3 Product Update
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing Voomly Videos from being embedded on pages.
  • Fixed an issue with buttons and improved functionality.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with stats not displaying correctly when showing the number of recipients that will receive or have received your broadcast.
Funnel Builder
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that was displaying incorrect thumbnail images for funnel pages.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the auto-complete URL feature when creating a page not to function properly.
  • Workflows that are attached to a funnel page are now active by default.
  • A number of improvements were made to the workflow user experience including changes to archiving and triggers.
New Features
  • New Webhook: Subscription Churned
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